NEWS: Trixie and the Trainwrecks - 7" - Too Good to be Blue/Get Busy Living (VR726)

7", Blues, Blues Trash, Folk, Garage Punk, ROOTS


Band: Trixie and the Trainwrecks
Catalog Number: VR726

Side 1: Too Good to be Blue
Side 2: Get Busy Living

Trixie and The Trainwrecks play blues and folk the new way with the battle scars of the old themes. From San Francisco and London via Berlin here comes some loud, over-driven, bittersweet, rip your heart out and wear it on your sleeve garagepunk blues.  Working class folk blues from the church of Bluestrash. Trixie Trainwreck shreds her guitar and kicks out the jams on her bass drum and hihat while Charlie Hangdog blows his brains out on harmonica. They take it as it comes and play it like it is. Because they have to. And lifetime of doing things their own way has brought their paths to cross and to create one hell of a sound. The sound of the road less taken...

Here comes the brand new 7" single "Too Good to be Blue/ Get Busy Living" recorded at Space Eko East Recording Studio in London, featuring Bruce Brand (The Headcoats, Holly Golightly, Hipbone Slim) on Drums, percussion, stomps & claps along with Alex McGowan and Bow on barking vocals. Limited to 600 copies. Get em while they're hot!


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