DM Bob and the deficits - cajun creole hot nuts (VRCD06/VR1206)

2001, Cajun tex mex, USA/Germany, Voodoo Rhythm Records


Going back to the Americana roots of rock 'n roll with an added brand of Cajun, rockabilly, southern R&B and lo-fi garage results into the sound of DM Bob and The Defictits. With their debut album Bad With Wimen released in 1996 and a number of comparisons to Southern Culture On The Skids and '68 Comeback, their EP Mexico Americano came out that same year and made Crypt Records history... 

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1. who done it
2. they called him took
3. name game
4. meat man
5. slide off of your satin sheets
6. alien baby
7. only 13
8. mad dog
9. into my own thing
10. super payaso contra hormiga atomica
11. texian boys
12. loco
13. facist in the courthaus
14. bonus track: we're coming arkansas

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