Voodoo Rhythm Compilation - VOL 4 (VRCD79/VR1279/VRMC79)

2013, COMPILATION, VARIOUS ARTISTS, Voodoo Rhythm Records

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CD - comes in double gatefold cover (no plastic exept the bloddy CD) with 12 Side Booklet



13  TRACKS  FROM  THE  VAULT  OF  VOODOO  RHYTHM  RECORDS,    Voodoo  Rhythm  records  Founded    in  1992  by  Beat-­‐Man   Zeller  aka  Reverend  Beat-­‐Man  ,  released  over  80  Vinyl  Records  CD's  DVD's  etc  did  first  albums  of  bands  such  as  the  Dead   Brothers,  King  Khan,  the  Monsters,  Mama  Rosin  etc  his  Label  is  world  wide  Well  Distributed  and  the  Bands  Touring   Constantly,  with  other  words  its  time  to  present  you  the  label  for  those  who  dont  know:    this  compilation  may  contains   Dirty  Words  and  way  too  Loud  Guitars  Trash  Blues  Garage  Punk,  overdriven  Boogie  Blues  Folk  and  Weimar  Republic   1920'2  Jazz  Cajun  and  Pure  Snotty  One  Man  Band  Trash  Punk  at  it's  Best  !!!!  so  if  you  are  Square  in  Your  Head  this  is  the   Pill  for  you  ..  after  hearing  that  record  you'll  never  be  that  person  that  you  use  to  Be  !!!!  so  get  it  NOW  !!!!

Compilation  incl  DIE ZORROS from Switzerland is a sleazy Striptease B-Movie orchestra THE JUKE JOINT PIMPS from Germany brings you Boogie Blues at its best HANK HAINT from Kent is a snotty trashy folk punk blues one man band THE MONSTERS are switzerlands Loudest Garage Trash act since 1986 !!! ROY AND THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE as well from Switzerland making the velvet underground look like old    BECKY LEE AND DRUNKFOOT a Arizona Riot Girl who's got the Blues THE PUSSYWARMERS fills every pussy with their Weimar java jazz trash HEART ATTACK ALLEY are New Zealands best and most unique Stomp Blues Trio MAMA ROSIN TOGETHER WITH HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEETREMBLERS are a Zydeco collaboration of the two leading rockabilly and Cajun acts of the now
time DELANEY DAVIDSON is a league of it's own THE GOON MAT AND LORD BENARDO the new voodoo rhythm horse in the stall play boogie trash blues MENIC is waiting for the zero to finaly come


 1  Die Zorros - Good bye baby
2  The Juke Joint Pimps - King roland’s prayer           
3  Hank Haint - Blackout
4  The Monsters - Blow um mau mau
5  Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle - Six pink cadillac
6  Becky lee and drunkfoot - Old fashioned man
7 The Pussywarmers - La nen la bambele           
8 Heart attack alley - Too hot blues
9 Mama Rosin together with Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers - London Zydeco
10 Delaney Davidson - Windy City
11 The goon matt and lord Benardo - What it’s all about
12 Menic - Waiting for zero






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