Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers - lover of dreams (VR1226 , VRCD26)

2005, blue grass & Country Punk, Blues, CH, COUNTRY, country- Hillbillypunk, Voodoo Rhythm Records


1. Out Of Control
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Party
4. Don't You Fall In Love
5. Ain’t Love Hell
6. Stick Your Silver
7. Misery
8. Riding
9. Dead End Girl
10. Broken Wings
11. Confused
12. Useless Tools
13. Time To Loose
14. Shame


Zeno Tornado comes back with an album full of sick, nasty n weird story’s played in the tradition of good old Blue Grass and Punk or Rockabilly and Cow Punk.. Zeno Tornado is a Downtown Cowboy who writes the strangest country songs ever; heading from little town Bern in Switzerland, Zeno follows another way... Not the mainstream traditional way of playing country music… it is a young, fresh and wild style of this genre...

 “I started listening to country music when I was very broken hearted, with a gun in my hand. By the time I was ready to pull the trigger, I realised that I just made a song, so I put that gun away and took my guitar. Country is a straight-from-the-heart thing that's what I really like about it, and with these nice dirty texts over it, it becomes very interesting” (interview in Low Cut, DK)

14 songs recorded again in the fantastic Star Track Studios with Olifr M Guz and with guest musicians: Delaney Davidson (Singing Saw), Chessy Weafer (Vocals).

Anyway if you still think Nashville is the only place to go... Then I tell you that you are wrong... Country is like the Blues, it comes from the inside, so it does not matter if it comes from Nashville Tokyo or from Bern…the only thing Zeno does different is that he speeds it up and ad some sick lyrics to it.



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