Hormonauts - hormone hop (VRCD07/VR1207)

2001, Italy, Rockabilly, Voodoo Rhythm Records

Ithe Hormonauts are,for want of a better term...a rockabilly trio. not classic traditional, rockabilly,their mix of influence makes them hard to pin down... Slap Bass,Drums andGuitar, and of course Andy's far out lyrics gives the Hormonauts a good lissen... the Hormonauts is a LIVE MUSST SEE !! Andy hardly stands on onespot, and lift's constantly his kilt for fresh air..this record and CD is a Ttaly 'i like to shake my booty' record, a musst for every fucked up party to get people dancing.

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1. we are the hormonauts
2. black slacks
3. hey you !
4. sweet young thing
5. hatuey
6. get of the wagon
7. Looser
8. that man in your bed
9. turky jive
10. gonna be loved
11. who the hell are you
12. she'll be my baby




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