Get Lost - never come back (VRCD10/VR1210)

2001, CH, Garage RnR, Voodoo Rhythm Records


Ex Miracle Workers with their 'lost' album after inside out.. this is it simply one of the best Neo-Garage album ever !! Feat Robert 'panti christ' Butler and gringo star of the jackets, reverend beat-man and untold fables

1. One way street
2. Boogie Hut
3. Love is a garden
4. one way ticket
5. second hand
6. Leaving here
7. Spooky
8. do the Get Lost
9. you’re the one
10. MDmation
11. elevator

Picking up where the Miracle Workers' classic Inside Out left off,  former members Gerry Mohr and Robert Butler--himself  also the founder of garage legends the Untold Fables--have  promised to ignore all the modern trends and bring to the world the  most fuzzed-out psychedelic quartet yet: the GET LOST!
This phenomenal platter is recorded at the famous Toe Rag Studios (Head coats, Milkshakes, White Stripes…) in  London together with Liam Watson in between 4 days,  you will get into the psychedelic side of the Get Lost in ' MDmation' or 'love's a garden'and then directly into a  straight Garage Punk  classics  'Spooky' of Grave Digger 5.. If you gonna buy this slab-o-wax nothing can get wrong anymore,

Selling Points:
-    members of the Miracle Workers, (drummer of Queens of Stone Age) Reverend Beat-Man, Mad Cowgirl Disease, Bishops Daughter
-    recorded at Toe Rag London (White Stripes, the kills, madness,TV personalities, the Undertones etc) by Liam Watson





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