THE DEAD BROTHERS - day of the dead (VRCD12/VR1212)

2002, CH, Morbid Blues, Voodoo Rhythm Records

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The one and only funeral orchestra along with Tuba and Top Hat, Banjo and Drums and guitar. One year after the first release (dead music for dead people VR1205/VRCD05, Voodoo Rhythm records) and touring Europe up and down and appearing on such festivals as: Dour, Roskilde, Jazz Festival Montreux and doing several funerals... here they are back from the grave with another Wax and CD Smash hit, even more mixed up stuff songs about the dead; about going to die and about suicide and lost love; lots of french java stuff Cajun, Polka, Blues, Country and, and, and… Here they recorded an amazing Funeral Tuba overdose version of the Cramps hit ‘Human Fly!

The Dead Brothers were “born” in Geneva in 2000 with the front singer Alain Croubalian and Dead Denis who both use to play in the Maniacs before. Alain used to have a band called the Appenzeller Space shuttle, where they mix up Swiss Folk Music with Country. The Dead Brothers are a WALL OF TUBAS!!!!!

This 14 Song shows you how far you can go, brings you to the sound of the 14’Th century back to the year 2000 in just one hour! This is no Hip Music at all, this is no Top one hundred stuff but its music direct from and direct to your heart

BUY AND DIE!!!!!!!!!


Prelistening and Digital Download  at : Finetunes

1. Walzer
2. Closer to you
3. Esclavo Triste
4. The angel of death
5. Plaisir d'amour
6. pout the bottle back on the table
7. Human Fly
8. Entre chien et Loup
9. Goldbrunbrunnen Platz
10. La Paloma
11.der Tod von Basel
12. Things you hide
13. St.James Infirmary Blues
14. How deep is the water?



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