THE COME 'N GO - - rhythm n blood (VRCD18/VR1218)

2002, CH, HI energy R&B Garage RnR, Voodoo Rhythm Records

wild Swiss out of control teenagers play loud trash R&B rock’n’roll with 2 guitars a completly nuts singer and wild girl on the drums.. oblivians and cramps on speed with a callon of Belgium Beer

1. baby what's wrong
2. losers ave
3. alan less
4. shave my soul
5. the diep
6. eat shit
7. intro
8. come and go
9. mucho burrito
10. 8 liters of blood
11. rolling bones
12. you don't dig me


It’s the Rhythm and Blues Explosion!! From four Swiss pissed off end time Rock’n’Roll Teenagers; when I first saw them a few years ago they blow my wig away, absolutely out of control singer who’s most time on the floor, falls in to the drum kit, yells, screams and what ever you think he wouldn’t do, he does it.. And it’s not just a joke, he has the fire, the fire of Rock’n’Roll... Like the rest of the band they are against everything, taking too much drugs and are drunk most of the time. The girl Drummer has only one beat but this is so fucking catchy you get nuts and you will forget Nick Knox like nothing…

For this first record they asked Robert Butler (Reverend Beat-Man, Miracle Workers) to do it, and then they went to the Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle place and recorded it in one week. It’s all very raw, no melodies at all, just a crazy fucked up mix between the Cramps and The Oblivians - ON SPEED!!!… The album starts with Jimmy Reeds classic ‘Baby What’s Wrong’ then ‘Losers Avenue’ that is totally mono as fuck and loud...


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