KING AUTOMATIC - automatic ray (VRCD25/VR1225)

2005, France, Garage blues, Voodoo Rhythm Records

From France is thins amazing one man band instidution wild frantic out of control 'n ultra spicy blues trash, rock'n'roll punk.. in between.. DEVO, the Reatards and Kraftwerk !!! member of Thundercrack feat fantastic version of kraftwerks the Model the amazing the cowboy of tchernobyl who found a space in a cannes winning movie about che guevara

1. Drive to fast
2. Waitress problem
3. I oversleep
4. the model
5. It won't start
6. Napoli ribbons
7. Autistic
8. Welcome to Disney World
9. mongoloid
10. Down in Soho
11. Rekord 2066
12. I don't giva Fuck
13. Sugar ray
14. The Cowboy of Tchernobyl




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