JOHN SCHOOLEY AND HIS ONE MAN BAND - one man against the world (VRCD39/VRCD39)

2007, Blues Punk and Rock’n’roll, Blues Trash, Texas, USA, Voodoo Rhythm Records

the texas one man band madman is back with aother fast drifing blues trash smash hit .. After spliting up from the Revelators ( crypt records) in the 90's Schooley formed this one man band on thins record with guest mussisian possessed by paul james and others

1. One Man Against the World (Part I)
2. Somebody In My Home
3. Cantrell Creek Breakdown
4. Every Day Can Get You Down
5. The Crooked Path
6. Down South Blues
7. My Baby Cried All Night Long
8. Wildcat Tamer
9. I Don’t Like the Blues No How
10. Hudcore
11. Miss Maybelle
12. Aberdeen, Mississippi
13. Screwdriver
14. One Man Against the World (Part II) 




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