NEWS: Reverend Beat-Man - surreal folk blues gospel trash 2 (VRCD41/VR1241)

2007, Blues Gospel Trash RnR, CH, Voodoo Rhythm Records

Reverend Beat-Man 'surreal folk blues gospel trash Vol.2,

Version 1- 12" LP+DL: Jacked heavy Cardboard, Printed Inner Sleeve + Free Posters + Free Download Card

Version 2 - 12" LP+CD: Jacked heavy Cardboard, Hand Glueed special edition Printed Inner Sleeve + Free Posters + Free CD

CD: comes in double gatefold cover  incl 12 Sided Booklet


Life supposed to be one endless struggle and then you die! Reverend Beat-Man the Twisted Swiss Primitive Rock'n'roll Preacher with his 3rd Album from 2007 feat Delaney Davidson, Zeno Tornado and many others


Here we have the 3rd Album Release and the second in a trilogy 'surreal folk blues gospel trash’
a series of Blasphemic Gospel Trash hymns from 2007, Recorded with Olifr M.Guz at Star Track studios in Switzerland along with his backing band Delaney Davidson on the Drums and Mr. Butler on Slide&Harp and Guz plays the Organs and some bass, for the Song Blue Moon of Kentucky the Band Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers back him up, and some songs are strictly home recorded by himself, this is one of the best selling Reverend Beat-Man Albums and the song ‚I’VE GOT THE DEVIL INSIDE‘ became a huge success along with the crooner trash parody of ‚I SEE THE LIGHT‘

Reverend Beat-Man Started his career as Lead Singer for ‚the Monsters‘ in 1986 then as Lightning Beat-Man One Man Band in 1992 and ended up as the Reverend in 1999 after a endless struggle with live and seeing the light in his own creation Blues Trash, played festivals and shows all over the globe ( Montreux Jazz, Las Vegas Grind, Dour, Bad Bon Kilbi, TV Appearing and own MTV Show etc)


SURREAL FOLK BLUES GOSPEL TRASH VOL2 is the 2nd of 3 , vol3 will be out in march 2008 it will be a DVD with clips from the music of vol 1+2 made by film makers all around the world (Switzerland, Germany, Poland, England..)


1. letter to myself
2. see the light
3. lonesome and sad
4. blue moon of Kentucky
5. i want you to feel
6. another day another life
7. i’ve got the devil inside
8. i’m over with you
9. our girls (demo)
10. don’t stop to dance
11. Jesus
12. the Swiss Army Knife   






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