POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES - cold and blind (VRCD42/VR1242)

2008, Folk, USA, Voodoo Rhythm Records



from Texas grown up in a amish comunitee possessed by paul james if folk blues as ist deepest american pilgrim roots !! incredable Raw and Out of Control Folk Native Country Music, with awsome lyrics of a Twisted and Heard Bleading man, lots of live cuts and Couple of Studio Tracks

1 Cold and Blind

2. Vodka and a Fight
3. Come to the Water
4 Love’s Disease
5 Take Off Your Mask
6 Ferris Wheel
7 The Gallows
8. East Mountain
9. Sweet Mary Alice
10. Fiddle Run



From the swampy depths of the Floridian Everglades, raised by an Amish Menonite Family comes Bluegrass Blues Punk Tour de Force Konrad Wert a.k.a. POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES.

Bearing that name in honour of his father and grandfather and armed with nothing but fiddle, banjo, guitar and a battered suitcase Possessed by Paul James sings, growls and hollers songs of love and loss and exorcises his demons live on stage - and now also on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS’ brand spanking new release “COLD & BLIND”.

Having established himself as a local hero in Austin, Texas Wert did not waste time and quickly converted European audiences into disciples of his unique and infectious blend of fire and brimstone hollering and subtle Old Time Love Ballads.

In spite of being a man of the earth and playing “good ‘ol time” instruments POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES is not mimicking the past. To the contrary, his raw and desperate sound is the ideal soundtrack for uncertain times where questions outweigh the answers - a shot of untarnished wild human emotion to soothe our aching souls.


"One-man band Konrad Wert grew up in a Mennonite family, raised by preacher father and a piano player mother, which accounts for both the baptized-in-fire-soul and musical versatility heard in his gritty Old World music. Wert's mix of blues and vintage folk howls with a sense of explosive freedom and latent rage-not unlike an Amish kid emerging from the wilderness to discover America -that instills his simple guitar/fiddle/stomp-box arrangements with unusual passion."



Aus den sumpfigen Tiefen der Everglades Floridas, aufgewachsen in einer Amish Menonite Familie, kommt die Bluegrass Punk Blues „Tour de Force“ Konrad Wert a.k.a. POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES.

Diesen Namen in Ehren seines Vaters und Grossvaters tragend und bewaffnet mit nichts als Geige, Banjo, Gitarre und einem zerschlissenen Koffer – singt, knurrt und schreit POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES Songs über Liebe und Verlust - um letzendlich seine Dämonen live auf der Bühne zu exorzieren.

Und nun endlich auf VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS, sein zweites Album „COLD AND BLIND“.

Nachdem Wert sich als Lokalheld Austin’s etablierte, verschwendete er keine Zeit und bereiste den Europäischen Kontinent 2007 schon zum zweiten Male.


Obschon er Instrumente aus „der guten alten Zeit“ spielt, wird diese keineswegs karrikatiert. Au contraîre: Sein rarer und durchaus verzweifelter Sound ist idealer Begleiter der heutigen, unsicheren Lebenszeit; in der Fragen die Antworten überwiegen.


„One-Man-Band Konrad Wert ist in einer Mennonite Familie gross geworden, sein Vater war Prediger, seine Mutter Pianistin. Konrad’s Mixture aus Blues und Vintage Folk heult er mit dem Sinn nach explosiver Freiheit und latenter Wut in die Welt hinaus. Ein Amish Kind der Wildniss entflohen um Amerika zu entdecken; spielt sein Gitarren/Geigen/Stomp-Box Arrangement mit ungewöhnlicher Leidenschaft.“



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