Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers - the sheik said shake (VRCD51/VR1251)

2008, Raw Rockabilly Garage, UK, Voodoo Rhythm Records

their 3rd album on voodoo rhythm brings you more of that hip shaking unique hipbone slim beat delinquent rockabilly garage and raw instros , from London England feat Sir Bald Diddley on guitars and Bruce Brand on Drums memebrs of the Milkshakes, headcoats, link wray, kaisesrs.. you name it..

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1. We all got somebody that we want to kill
2. I Hear An Echo
3. Bury The Hatchet
4. The Sheik Said Shake
5. Dead Man's Shoes
6. Brand New Head
8. Diddley Squat
9. PUT A Rocket Up It
10. You Get All The Fun
11. Buried next to you
12. Pempelem
13. My Knees Are Tremblin
14. One Legged Rock

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