The Monsters -you're class, i'm trash (VRCD119/VR12119)

2016, CH, Garage Punk, GARAGE TRASH, THE MONSTERS, TRASH, Voodoo Rhythm Records

Band: the Monsters
Album Title: you're class i'm trash
Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records
Release Date: Nov.12.2021  



Format CD: VRCD119 (barcode: 7640148983105)
Format LP+DL+7“single: VR12119 (barcode: 7640148983068)
01. gimme germs
02. smell my tongue
03. carpool Lane
04. dead
05. stranger to me
06. blasphemy
07. yellow snow drink
08. electro bike asshole
09. get drunk on you
10. i love you
11. devil baby
12. my down is your up
13. dead (mortem batkovic)
69. gimme germs (live)
99. you’re class i’m trash
Nestled centrally within landlocked Switzerland is the quaint town of Bern, a place where world leaders regularly meet, 12th century medieval architecture gracefully intersects modern designs, and the location where Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was originated. Class is a term synonymous with this town given its historical and cultural heritage but in the case of the chainsaw-on-steel sound of legendary Bernese garage punks, The Monsters, class is an irrelevant term to them. Thanks to COVID-19, the touring life of this Bernese super trash machine was put on halt and they used their newfound time to write and record the apocalyptic, hi-speed-boogie-fuzz-garage-trash-rock-n-roll songs you have in your hands here. A new album wasn’t enough for the quartet during the year; they were also contracted by Swiss film composer Mario Batkovic to assist in the soundtrack composition of a small horror opera, which will soon be announced.
The Monsters formed in 1986 in Bern, Switzerland as an alternative to the popular music of the time (i.e. Disco, Pop, Top 40 Rock). Mixing rockabilly with punk rock and garage, their brand of Teenage Primitive Rock n’ Roll Chainsaw Massacre Garage Trash has kept them as an in demand punk rock band touring the world playing festivals and large halls as far east as Japan, south as Brazil, north as Scandinavia, and west as New York City.
And then 2020 hit, YAHOO!!! The world went into a complete lockdown and everyone’s plans changed! With no touring in the near future, the time was now to write a new album so the band dedicated two weeks to going to their practice space to write new music and another two weeks at Bern’s Shirt Off Studio to record. Voila! Here you have Rosemary’s Baby in your hand: 13 raw, loud, and splatter sounding tracks recorded live on the fly with no overdubs, vocals only. Lyrically, the album is a complete disaster with 120 words comprising the whole thing and hell, the words on this LP sometimes don’t make any sense! It’s actually complete rubbish with how they sing but we love it! We love it so much that we decided to release it and pull in two other established labels to release it alongside us!
Sounds of Subterrania are releasing a special knitted cover limited edition and Slovenly Records are releasing the LP with all songs sung in Schwitzerdütsch, the band’s native tongue and official language of Switzerland. Outside of a couple million people, no one else speaks, it’s not even a written language, you only speak it, and barely anyone can learn it without knowing a native speaker! Anyway, Slovenly Records loved that idea, so they’re going with it.
Cover Artwork by Jerry Haenggli a Bern Surrealist Painter .. Anyway, you’re in for a treat if you’re reading this, so here we go. Hold onto your ears and lock your daughters away, The Monsters are on the loose!
The Monsters wurde 1986 in Bern der Schweiz gegründet, als Alternative zur damaligen populären Musik (z. B. Disco, Pop, Top 40 Rock). sie nannten dies: Teenage Primitive Rock n' Roll Chainsaw Massacre Garage Trash mix up Rockabilly mit Punkrock und Garage und haben sich zu einer gefragten Punkrockband gemacht, die auf Festivals Klubs und großen Hallen so weit gen Osten zu wie Japan, dem Süden wie Brasilien und gen Norden zu den Skandinavier und in den wilden westlich wie New York City.
Und dann 2020 öffnet die Türen, YAHOO!!! Die Welt wurde komplett abgeschottet und die Pläne aller änderten sich! Da es in naher Zukunft keine Tourneen gab, war es jetzt an der Zeit, ein neues Album zu schreiben, also widmete die Band zwei Wochen, um in ihren Proberaum zu gehen und neue Musik zu schreiben, und 3 Tage im Berner Shirt Off Studio um sie aufzunehmen. Voila! Hier hast du Rosemary’s Baby den Knüppel im sack: 13 raue, laute und spritzig klingende Tracks, die live ohne Overdubs, (nur Gesang) aufgenommen wurden. Textlich ist das Album eine komplette Katastrophe mit 120 Wörtern und ergeben meisten falls keinen Sinn! Es ist eigentlich völliger Quatsch, aber wir lieben es! Wir lieben es so sehr, dass wir beschlossen haben, es zu veröffentlichen und zwei andere etablierte Labels hinzuzuziehen, um es neben uns zu veröffentlichen!
Sounds of Subterranea veröffentlichen ein spezielles Strickcover in limitierter Auflage und Slovenly Records veröffentlicht die LP mit allen Liedern, in Schwitzerdütsch, der Muttersprache der Band und Amtssprache der Schweiz. Außer etwa ein paar Millionen Menschen spricht niemand diese Sprache, und ist nicht einmal eine geschriebene Sprache, man spricht sie nur und kaum jemand kann sie lernen, ohne einen Muttersprachler zu kennen! Wie auch immer, Slovenly Records liebte diese Idee, also machen sie mit. Wie auch immer, Sie werden sich freuen, wenn Sie dies lesen, also los geht's. Cover Artwork ist vom Berner Surrealisten Jerry Haenggli, Halt deine Ohren fest und sperr deine Töchter weg, Die Monster sind los!
BEAT-MAN :     Guitar/vocals
JANOSH:     bass
SWAN LEE:     drums
PUMI:         knobs
3 Different Versions:

1 st
VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS (english version)
- printed inner sleeve
- + download card
- + bonus single

SLOVENLY RECORDS (swiss german special vesion)
- special different cover artwork
- + download card

3 rd
SOUNDS OF SUBTERANEA (knitted special edition limited edition)
- self knitted special cover artwork (Do it your self)
- 2 LP’s inside
- special cover artwork
- knitting instruction
- free boner while opening the box


slovely text:
Slovenly’s mother tongue recordings imprint is psyched beyond belief to present to the freaks and creeps of planet Earth, the 8th LP from Switzerland's THE MONSTERS: “Du Hesch Cläss Ig Bi Träsch” (“You’re Class I’m Trash”)! Scandinavian Bestial Death Metal? PUH-LEEZE. Japanese Harsh Noise? GIMME A FUCKIN BREAK! This is the true evil that rock’n’rollers do, and you’ll be trembling in your creepers before your asses even get close to bumping to the radical raunch contained on this truly amazing long-player. Even long time rabid fans will be stunned by the sheer magnitude of nastiness and horror here, and if you’re a newcomer, we wish you the best of luck! Yeah, that’s a harpsichord and a choir on the intro. Oops, that’s the outro. We listen to shit backwards and you should too. But so fucking what? Religion rightly scares the piss out of us, and The Monsters make no bones about their just demands of servitude. But you know what the craziest part of this disaster is? It’s not simply that it transcends any trite categories like “GARAGE,” or “PSYCHOBILLY,” or even just (JUST!) “ROCK’n’ROLL,” it’s your perception of maestro Beatman’s tried and true and fried as fuck vocal throttle that’s damaged even further by him singing in Swiss-German for the first time on any of his vast catalog o’ cool, and it’s for the entirety of this monster swingin’ album! You want the English version? Well take your ass to his legendary Voodoo Rhythm label (Records To Ruin Any Party!) and imbibe as you are wont to do, but we’re gambling that this language, which has no formal written application, is going to screw your brains like his charmingly broken English has never done before. No offense, we love everything the Beatman touches, but this bold and genius move has got our lobes knocked up like a barefoot mormon sister-wife. Mondo Mongo, mofos! Familiar tracks from killer records past, like “I’m a Stranger To Me” reappear as “Frömd vo Mir” (hell, that one is almost a cognate) but everything here promises a hellish trip into the void, and we guarantee your eternal delight, but make no promises for your mental welfare. 






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