Wau Y Los Aarrrghs!!! - cantana en espanol (VRCD29/VR1229)

2005, Garage blues, Garage Punk, Garage Punk Blues, Garage RnR, Hi-Speed Garage RnR, Latino 60ties Garage Punk, Spain, Voodoo Rhythm Records

CD: comes in double gatefold cover (no plastic exept the bloddy CD) with 12 Side Booklet
LP: Jacked heavy Paper, Printet innersleeve, Black Vinyl and incl a FREE CD (no cover,no booklett) !!!

The Garage Punk Sensation out of Valencia in Spain they inspired a whole new generation in spanish sung Garage Punk !!! In their 1st album with 13 pure 60’s Garage Nuggets all wild out of control recorded in Xixon by Jorge Explosion

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1.Momia Twist
2. Rey de Tablistas
3. Demolicion
4. Lo Que Quiero
5. Te Puedes Quemar
6. Girl Coge Mi Cosa
7. No Lo Se
8. Niña
9. Hey Monstruo Hey
10. Yo Quiero Volver
11. Ce´ne pas la imporance
12. Te Voy A Odiar
13. Nunca la quise


The First time I heard about this crazy Spanish ( Valencia) band was from a self released 7” they did..  Voodoo Rhythm  Send them to CIRCOPEROTTI Studios in Gijon, Spain and Jorge Explosion the Engineer was Calling me up and said.. what the fuck, they just came and using a hell a lot of Drugs and they don’t have any lyrics.. they are totally Punks, I can not work with them, I need more money they do not record all they do is get fucked up… a view days later he called me up again and sed: BEAT-MAN THIS IS THE BEST SPANISH GARAGE PUNK BAND OF ALL TIME !!  the lyrics are ultra funny and fucked up and just great !!!! this was in 2005, today the WAU’s toured whole Europe and America , appeared in the Best Magazines did another record on Munster record and one on Slovenly . but this one what you are holding in your hand is the WILDEST of’m all and the songs turned into Classics Demolition, Lo Que Quiero . or the amazing Nina, 60’s GARAGE PUNK at it’s best and all Sung in SPANIS !!!


Extrem primitiver Caveman Stomp der in seiner Brutalität an die SWAMP RATS und an die frühen Sachen der GRUESOMES erinnert.
Die Band stellt hier einige Eigenkompositionen vor und covert ihre liebsten Teen Punk Songs aus den Sixties von Bands wie den TRASHMEN, LOS SAICOS, KENNY & THE KASUALS oder WE THE PEOPLE.
Alle Nummern sind extrem stampfendend, mit einer Überdosis an Fuzz-Gitarren-Sound und in spanischer Sprache, wobei ihr Sänger Galle spuckend, raunt und schreit wie ein angeschossenes Raubtier. Die A-Seite beinhaltet weitgehend vor Energie nur so überschäumende Partynummern. Auf Seite B sind dann eher die fiesen Fuzz Punk Granaten zu finden.
Insgesamt 13 Songs


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