THE COME 'N GO - something got to give (VRCD47/VR1247)

2008, CH, Garage RnR, Voodoo Rhythm Records

From Bienne in Switzerland the town where they speak french and german so it their music.. super Fast R&B Punk with a Garage Punk attitute recorded in the Lost Sound Studios in Memphis recorded by jay reatard , comes another Masterpice of the Best Swiss Live act ever

1. The Time You Spend, The Life You Have
2. It's Ok
3. C'est Pas Facile
4. Hey Mama
5. No Blues
6. Fazzoletti
7. Beers & Tears
8. Heart's Desires
9. Petrol
10. Wonders... Never Left Our Minds
11. Searchin' For Love 

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