MAMA ROSIN - brule lentement (VRCD55/VR1255)

2009, CH, Combat Cajun, Voodoo Rhythm Records, ZYDECO

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from Geneva in Switzerland comes that Trio who Touring Non Stop this is Raw Power Cajun Music.. the total party is right here.. wild out of control and sweet beautiful cajun trash at its best



1. Où est passé E.C Lenoir ?
2. le two-step de l'haricot
3. je vas mon chemin
4. honky tonky tout le temps
5. la valse des beaux-frères
6. you stole my motorcycle
7. les blues d'Amede
8. le pistolet
9. when the police came
10. eh ti monde
11. dead love rag
12. johny dance
13. bon temps rouler



Ladies and Gentlemen, with pride we announce MAMA ROSIN's second album "BRULE LENTEMENT: YES! That's CAJELICIOUS!"  Many things have passed since their debut album for Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2008. Tours around the world, (over 120 gigs only in 2008), sharing the stage with the Stay Cats, graceing BCC's Marc Lamarr with their presence and firing up the crowd at the Football Championship Opening in Vienna. and the EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza  Again, their passion and energy flow seamlessly into the 13 new tracks according to the spirit of making old things new:   A gumbo of old Cajun and Zydeco roots, minced and spiced up with the sound and the power of the new Millenium; old Deep Louisiana Black Roots meets Velvet Underground and Daniel Johnston. The album starts with “Où est passé E.C Lenoir”: quite a trip into the world of Cajun. They are searching for Eraste Carriere, the guy of the Freres Carriere (Cajun Legends) then the keep on rocking on “Le Two-Step De L'Haricot” where you can learn how to dance with a bean! For the first time you hear Vanina, the drummer, sings on The Clash inspired “You Stole My Motorcycle” and you find a cover version of the Movie Star Junkies “Dead Love Rag”.  One thing is for sure: They are amazing on stage! You feel their love to many styles of music: From Blues to Calypso, from Psychedelic to African and Caribbean Music. Don’t miss to see and hear them live!  Recorded and mastered at Outside Inside Studios in Italy, cover artwork by Lady Black Sally.





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